How I Discovered the Benefits of One Night Stand and Sex with no Strings Attached

I never thought that I was going to be a kind of girl that can easily engage into one night stand and sex with no strings attached! Honestly, I was always talking how I could never do it. My excuse was the fact that I had to have certain feelings towards someone in order to share bed with that person. Anyway, after an unexpected breakup where I caught my ex in the bed with another woman, I decided that it's time for me to spice up things in my life. First, I decided to completely change my life and start with the place I live. I moved away into another location. Second, I decided to change the way I look, so I hit the gym, changed my hairstyle, and my wardrobe.

All the things I've changed about myself gave me a lot of confidence and I was ready to engage into something wild and new. At first, I didn't know what I want, so I decided to explore things and see what suites me the most. Initially, it was all about drinking and partying, but in time I got tired of it. I still couldn't engage into one night stand sex, but I thought about something better. I've decided to try out one of those dating sites where you meet people who will enjoy in night of passion and pleasure with you. So, I've created my profile there and decided to poke only those males that make me feel hot.

After few days, I met at least six guys that I liked and I honestly didn't know which one to see in person. All of them were extremely handsome and I wanted to experience a one night stand sex with all of them. Then I asked myself: Why don't you do it? What's stopping you from being with as many guys as you want? You're a hot, single woman with needs and you should do whatever makes you happy. So once I realized that nothing was stopping me, I started setting up encounters. All I can say is that there are no words that can describe my experience!

It felt so liberating being a part of something that brings you so much joy and pleasure. I was able to set up encounters any time of day or night and nobody was there to judge me for doing it. I've never had so much freedom in my life to do stuff that I want to do. Now, when I got the opportunity to enjoy myself to the fullest, I'm experiencing every single part of it. I feel so much better about myself that it's crazy. One night stand and sex without any kind of emotional attachment is definitely something that fulfils all of my senses. It's great when you have a chance to set up your encounters online and just enjoy in the excitement and pleasure that they bring.

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